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Bongo Beads

Blue Evil Eye Bracelet 🧿

Blue Evil Eye Bracelet 🧿

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Made with beautiful sparkling faceted blue 8mm beads and a handmade glass lamp work bead taking centre stage 🧿

The primary and most well-known advantage of wearing the evil eye is its protective properties 🪬

This mystical charm acts as a powerful shield, warding off negative energies and ill intentions directed towards the wearer🔮

Wear this beautiful bracelet alone or stack it up with your other bracelets 📿✨

Important information:

Our beads are delicate so hard impact can break or chip glass, so make sure to handle with care.

Store your jewellery in a dust bag to reduce the likelihood of tarnishing.

Each piece is hand strung so some minor differences will occur from the picture.

Care instructions:
Keep away from water, perfume and harmful liquids.





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