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Blue Forte Bead Gemstone Bracelet 🩵

Blue Forte Bead Gemstone Bracelet 🩵

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This bracelet is something special 💝

Made from Gemstone Forte Beads, Silver Textured Enamel Beads and the choice of Silver Textured

Charm from either;

Hamsa Hand 🪬

Lightening Bolt ⚡️

Heart Silver Bead 🩶


Pink, Lime Green & Blue Imperial Jasper

Jasper is said to be a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength, and healing. It balances the aura to a level of wholeness and peace, while bringing joy to others 🤸🏼

Beaded onto silver satin cord and finished with a macrame sliding knot making it fully adjustable 🪢

Handmade with love by me (Mel) 💘

Feminine, fun and sophisticated ✨

Important information:

Gemstones acquire natural imperfections called inclusions which are acquired throughout its development.

These impurities give gemstones their character by adding to their beauty 💖

Our gemstone beads are delicate so hard impact can break or chip glass, so make sure to handle with care.

Gemstones are sensitive to sunlight and water. Prolonged exposure to either one will cause these beads to fade over time.

Store your jewellery in a dust bag to reduce the likelihood of tarnishing.

Each piece is hand strung so some minor differences will occur from the picture.

Care instructions:

Keep away from water, perfume and harmful liquids.

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