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Hematite Peace Bracelet ☮️

Hematite Peace Bracelet ☮️

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Made with beautiful silver tone hematite beads with a Czech Glass Peace sign taking centre stage ☮️

Hematite is a semi precious stone that is said to be beneficial for blood flow, stress & nerves. It’s encourages optimism and helps against depression 💘

Traditionally it has been used to safeguard against negative energies and to create a protective shield around the body 🛡️ 

Important information:

Gemstones acquire natural imperfections called inclusions which are acquired throughout its development.

These impurities give gemstones their character by adding to their beauty 💖

Our handmade/semi-precious beads are delicate so hard impact can break or chip glass, so make sure to handle with care.

Store your jewellery in a dust bag to reduce the likelihood of tarnishing.

Each piece is hand strung so some minor differences will occur from the picture.

Care instructions:

Keep away from water, perfume and harmful liquids.

Repeated exposure to sunlight may cause fading over time.



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