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Bongo Beads

Stretchy Silver Ball Bracelet

Stretchy Silver Ball Bracelet

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Made with beautiful quality 8mm sterling Silver ball beads threaded onto a stretchy thread. 🧵

Wear this gorgeously simple yet eye catching bracelet alone or stack it up with your other favourite bracelets. 💘

Measures 17cm (please DM me if you need a smaller or larger size)📏

Each bracelet comes with its own velvet jewellery bag to store it in as well as its own silver polishing cloth to keep it shiny! ✨

What is the difference between Silver Plated & Sterling Silver?

- Sterling Silver is crafted from metal alloy rather than a plating and is more durable

- Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic as opposed to Silver Plated

- Sterling Silver is pure metal, containing 92.5% pure silver

- Silver Plated has a coating of silver (over an acrylic bead in this case)

- Silver Plated  jewellery is equally as bright and sparkly as 925 Sterling Silver

- Sterling silver will tarnish over time but can easily be cleaned with polishing cloth unlike Silver Plated which cannot be cleaned as easy

- Silver Plated costs a lot less and like all costume jewellery, it is inevitable that they may tarnish over time. 

Important information:

Our beads are delicate so hard impact can break or chip glass, so make sure to handle with care.

Store your jewellery in a dust bag to reduce the likelihood of tarnishing.

Each piece is hand strung so some minor differences will occur from the picture.

Care instructions:

Keep away from water, perfume and harmful liquids.









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